Flexipure, high-performance plug & play filtration module

FLEXIPURE is a plug & play filtration module equipped with the FLEXI technology.
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Lucile Noury, fondatrice de GreenCreative
From day one, we've been obsessed with the quality of organic pulp. Flexipure marks a new stage in the consolidation of a virtuous biowaste sector.
Lucile Noury - CEO

of impurities

<0.5% of organic matter on packaging

Energy efficiency
& filtration without water

Un homme travaille sur une pièce de métal.

Up to 25m³ per hour

The FLEXI quality for each site

With FLEXIPURE, all organic pulps can now be filtered to a quality that exceeds regulatory thresholds and meets regulatory and ecological challenges.

Technicals sheet
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Soup analysis


FLEXIPURE is commercialized through a 5-year offer to control your operating costs and increase machine availability.   →

Maintenance plan

FLEXIPURE is based on a reverse-logistic maintenance plan. In other words, if there's the slightest problem, the top mechanical cover is replaced within 48 hours. →

Spare parts

Spare parts cost is included in the maintenance plan, for up to 2,500 hours of machine use.

Feedback from the field


"On our anaerobic digestion site, we often receive diry organic pulp. By using Flexipure, the result is much better, ensuring that the digestate is returned to the soil in perfect condition."

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