FLEXI technology, a revolution for the biowaste industry

Over the past 10 years, FLEXI technology has established itself as an alternative to shredding biowaste.
Rouleaux jaune utilisés par la technologie flexi

How does it work?


1 - Perforation

A perforation module makes it possible to perforate packaging without shredding it

2 - Compression

A roller crushes biowaste to extract organic matter

3 - Screening

The organic matter passes through a trommel that retains the packaging.

4 - Brushing

Containers are brushed to clean them and recover as much organic matter as possible.

5 - Organic pulp

An unmacthed organic pulp quality with less than 0.2% of impurities in dry matter.

6 - Packaging

Clean and non-shredded packaging with no organic matter.

Our high-performance equipment

Image de synthèse représentant la machine flexidry
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Optimised deconditioning solution for recovering 2,500 tonnes to 12,000 tonnes of bio-waste per year.

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Optimised depackaging solution for recovering 10,000 tonnes to 35,000 tonnes of biowaste per year.

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Plug & play filtration solution: increase the quality of any organic soup.

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