High-performance depackaging

Our range of depackaging machines adapts to all types of biowaste on all types of sites.
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For all types of biowaste

Individually packaged, in bags or in bulk, FLEXIDRY and FLEXIBOOST can depack biowaste from multiple sources.

Une poubelle verte remplie de beaucoup de nourriture.

Supermarket biowaste

Un tas d'ordures posé sur un tas de terre.

Biowaste from restaurants & canteens

Une poubelle remplie d'un grand nombre de déchets.

Food industry biowaste

Un tas d'ordures à côté d'un mur.

Household biowaste


From 2,500t to 12,000t / year

The Flexidry deconditioner can recover between 2,500 and 12,000 tonnes of biowaste per year. Find out more about the performance of this equipment, which is suitable for medium-sized sites, and you can be sure that the organic matter will be returned to the soil in a virtuous way.

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From 10,000t to 25,000t / year

The Flexiboost solution, which combines a deconditioning and filtration module, can recover between 10,000 and 35,000 tonnes of bio-waste per year. This solution is ideally suited to industrial-scale sites, and produces an unmacthed quality of organic pulp.

Technicals sheet
Commercial brochure
Soup analysis

Your turnkey depackaging line

Our design office will work with you on the design and turnkey construction of a depackaging line tailored to your project and your constraints. We work with our partners to offer you efficient and robust peripheral equipment.

Bin for heavy contaminants
The equipment is equipped with a safety module that allows for the ejection of heavy contaminants to prevent damage to the machine

Tailored-made support

Our teams ensure that the various modules making up your depackaging line have been received correctly, and that they have been installed according to the constraints of your site. →


As soon as the installation is complete, our teams will be on hand to set up the depackaging line and help your team to become fully autonomous. →


Quarterly preventive maintenance, available spare parts, a connected machine, a dedicated after-sales team: everything is in place to provide high-quality support and assistance.

Feedback from the field


"We chose the Flexidry in 2019 because its shredderless technology enables us to produce a quality organic pulp from mixed biowaste. It's essential for us to meet the new standards, and obtain quality compost for a return to the soil."

Groupe SUEZ

"Our Limeil-Brévannes sorting center has once again expanded to process bio-waste collected from supermarkets and municipalities in the southern Ile-de-France region. We made the choice in 2018 to invest in the FLEXIDRY, entirely manufactured in Sucy-en-Brie, 5 km from our site."

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