A French
industrial compagny

Over the past 10 years, the FLEXI technology has established itself as an alternative to shredding biowaste.

Accelerating the sector

Green Creative plays an active role in the development and structuring of the biowaste sector in France.

On the one hand, by educating the various players on the importance of the quality of organic pulp, and on the other, by setting up initiatives such as white papers, a series of webinars 'Les RDV du Biodéchet' and the organization of the Flexitour, a series of site visits equipped with depackaging solutions for all (future) biowaste entrepreneurs.

Green Creative, key dates


Lucile Noury and Rémi Gomez found the company in Paris. First iterations on biowaste deconditioning equipment. The conviction to produce an organic soup with no undesirable ingredients becomes Green Creative's vision.


1st round of funding with ScientiPôle. This funding will enable the team to design and produce the prototype of a deconditioner, which will later become the Flexidry. The FLEXI technology continues to develop, with the filing of international patents.


The first official version of the Flexidry is developed. This year will mark not only the first sales of the Flexidry, but also the opening of Green Creative to the international market.


2nd round of financing with Alter Equity. This financing will strengthen the internal development of FLEXI technology and accelerate sales of Flexidry.


3 years later, with a further 15 machines sold, a new version of the Flexidry was launched: the Flexidry M. Designed in close collaboration with Green Creative customers, the machine has improved in terms of the quality of the soup produced, the throughput of bio-waste to be processed, and its robustness. International sales are also accelerating, with machines installed in Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania and Australia.


Green Creative is expanding its range of equipment with the launch of 2 new solutions: Flexiboost and Flexipure. These 2 depackaging and filtration solutions can be used to equip large industrial sites and produce organic pulp of a quality unmatched on the market.

Our production workshops

Based in the Paris region (Sucy-en-Brie) and covering an area of over 1,500m2, our workshop is home to around twenty employees, all driven by the same mission: to design and produce high-performance bio-waste recovery solutions.

This is where Flexidry, Flexiboost and Flexipure are produced, maintained and serviced.

Working at Green Creative

Green Creative is made up of around twenty dynamic employees who are experts in their fields: the kings of mechanics, the veterans of the design department and the squadron of customer satisfaction !


"I love working in a company where we're all united to help the planet!"


"It's motivating to be in a company on a human scale and in an innovative sector where you can be an active player in the overall process while maintaining a good understanding between departments and a good work/life balance."


"The human side of Green Creative allows everyone to put forward their ideas so that we can all move forward together."
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