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A well-deserved Innovation award for FLEXIDRY

June 16, 2016

Green CREATIVE receives the innovation trophy for its FLEXIDRY depackaging machine

This innovation award was organized by ExpoBiogaz.

Organized by ExpoBiogaz, the Innovation Award distinguishes innovative products and services each year. Candidates are challenged on many criteria including mainly: continuous, or ground-breaking innovation on the French market, guaranteed maintenance of the product, added value procured by mechanical support, product reliability, installation costs and return on investment, induced earnings for the operator, and last but not least, to what extent the service or product answers the users' needs. .

The jury is composed of six professionals, from the specialized journalist to the President of the biogas ATEE–Club, including the technical adviser for AD. The jury had to deliberate out of 11 nominees.

Green CREATIVE, winner of the 2016 Innovation Trophy

In June 2016, during the ExpoBiogaz tradeshow in Strasbourg we received the Innovation Prize for our FLEXIDRY solution - a true industry acknowledgement that rewards years of research and development. Thank you!