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Flexidry at La Compostiere de l'Aube

July 20, 2015

Launch of a depackaging unit at La Compostiere de l’Aube

Based in Bouilly, near Troyes, France, La Compostière de l'Aube was created by a family of farmers in 2002. It is a composting center where organic and green waste - originating from industries and various local communities - is collected and recovered. Aiming for clean, good quality compost, free from any contaminants, the composting center opted for FLEXIDRY in order to process the organic waste coming from the nearby supermarkets.


Testimonies from the Bioénergie magazine:"The ingenuity of the process, the slow rotation of the elements and the quality of the organic soup are the three key points that convinced us to choose GreenCREATIVE's solution." Says Fabienne Herard, Director of the Compostière de l'Aube."Training and adjusting to the machine are two processes that must be conducted in the long run. In order to do so, we benefit from the high quality support and follow up of GreenACTIVE's production technicians, able to intervene quickly." Highlights Serge Ninoreille, General Manager of the Compostière de l'Aube.