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FLEXIDRY & Maintenance: Our Difference


The transition from FLEXIDRY V2 to FLEXIDRY M, our latest equipment, was made possible thanks to customer feedback. Over  30 FLEXIDRY operators shared with us user experience challenges and feedback from their daily operations. Thanks to these first-hand insights, we were able to design an easy user & maintenance experience  for our depackaging machine. Rémi Gomez, co-founder of Green Creative, explains how our maintenance makes the difference.

4 questions to Rémi Gomez, co-founder of Green-Creative

How did the customer feedback from FLEXIDRY V2  inspire the design of  FLEXIDRY M ? Customer feedback challenged the way we had designed the layout of our depacking technology. The whole machine has been redesigned to make it easier to operate.

What are the main changes in terms of operating experience? This redesign has been focused on simplicity: FLEXIDRY M is much less complex than the older version, it has been simplified in terms of mechanics but especially in terms of operating experience. Today, FLEXIDRY M has an ON & OFF button and can be programmed to follow recipes. We have redesigned the user experience so that it is as close as possible to the reality of our operators and their needs. 

"We have redesigned the user experience so that it is as close as possible to the reality of our operators and their needs."  Rémi Gomez

How is ease of maintenance central to the design of FLEXIDRY M? One of the main feedback on FLEXIDRY v2, our previous model, was that the downtime for cleaning and maintenance was too high. The global redesign of the machine allowed us to drastically reduce daily maintenance time, weekly maintenance time and overhaul times.  

Green Creative is based in France, what should international FLEXIDRY operators expect in terms of customer service? Our team has been able to identify local maintenance partners for each FLEXIDRY operator outside of France. We’ve built close working relationships with local technicians that allow for reactive and professional maintenance service wherever our FLEXIDRY clients are located. We remain close to our operators, even when maintenance is operated by local partners, we always stay in close communications with our clients, that’s how we learn and improve our technology !

Our latest equipement, FLEXIDRY M

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