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The high-performance depackaging machine:
biowaste becomes bioresource thanks to unmatched pulp purity

Biowaste = bioresource

Since 2010, FLEXIDRY’s unique depackaging technology turns packaged biowaste into valuable bioresource.
FLEXIDRY is the only industrial solution that guarantees a pulp purity of 99.9%. This results in a higher methanogenic potential for biogas production and a safe & healthy soil fertilization through quality compost or digestat.

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They chose FLEXIDRY

“We’ve looked at several depackaging solutions and none of them matched FLEXIDRY’s pulp purity. It’s of superior quality, and everyone in the industry knows it. FLEXIDRY’s unique technology is a true innovation”

Christian Vetterli

Business Development Manager

“FLEXIDRY was an obvious choice for its soft technology with no shredding. The organic pulp really matches our expectations and the recovered packaging is now being transformed into energy and used as a source of heat for nearby towns. Important plus, the Green Creative team has been supportive and very reliable”



“ When we started accepting new streams of waste collected from nearby supermarkets, we needed a depackaging solution. With Flexidry we now can manage these packaged waste streams without compromising the quality of the organic matter. Plus, FLEXIDRY is being manufactured less than 5km from us. That’s a true local, circular economy !”

SUEZ Group

Waste service providers

“ We started sorting out packaged waste by hand and as we scaled, needed a reliable solution. We’ve chosen FLEXIDRY for the quality of its pulp and the efficience of its depackaging technology. Today we recycle waste from A to Z and are able to really contribute to the real circular economy.”

Matthieu Raby


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Spotlighting the quality of what goes back to the ground


Spotlighting the quality of what goes back to the ground.

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Biowaste goes back to ground thanks to qualitative recovery by Tubert Environnement.

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Zoom sur la qualité du retour au sol


Suez Group: Green Creative’s first customer to recover household biowaste with FLEXIDRY!

25/06/2020 Learn more



About us

Green Creative is a French Clean Tech Company. Since day one, we have been focused on delivering the highest pulp quality on the market allowing biowaste to become a natural fertilizer. We are a crew of 20+ passionate people, driven by one mission: closing the loop on biowaste and supporting the rise of the circular economy.

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